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Want to Market Your Grain Better?

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    We’re your personal Grain Merchandiser.

    We ARE NOT a commodity brokerage or grain marketing service trying to predict which way the grain markets will go.
    Farmer’s Keeper is a service that provides no-margin futures Pricing Tools that can be delivered to any grain elevator… play the basis.

    So if you deliver to more than 1 elevator and want to avoid margin calls, it probably makes sense to sell some of your grain through us.



    Thousands of Farmers Sell grain through us... Why?

    Grain Pricing Tools.

    Set your futures price

    • Sell your grain with any of our Pricing Tools:
      • HTAs, Min/ Max, Accumulators, etc.
    • We’re a platform, NOT a grain marketer

    No Margin Calls.

    Hold on to your money

    • No interest
    • No up-front fees
    • Manage risk without tying up capital


    Play the Basis.

    Deliver Anywhere

    • Choose where & when you want to deliver
    • Get your special basis push
    • Free basis analysis

    Our People

    You’ll have your own single point of contact… We respond quickly with updates and market information so you can focus in the field. 

    We’re as passionate about helping you achieve your grain marketing goals as you are about growing your crop. 


    Sell your physical grain with any of our no-margin Pricing Tools, like HTAs, Min/Max, and Accumulators. 

    Choose where and when you want to deliver your grain. We’ll even help you find a great cash price… Play the basis.  

    A Broad Perspective

    We work with Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Farmers of all shapes and sizes throughout the grain belt. 

    We’ll tell you what’s going on in other local markets so you can broaden your perspective beyond the local coffee shop talk.

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    Farmers repeat hedging with us
    Farmers sell more bushels with us YoY
    Price grain using both Pricing Tools and MPPs

    You can hear and see us on nationally syndicated radio and TV shows, as well as local farm events throughout the country. We share all our travels and exciting new developments on social media too. Please follow us!